Scrabbled Journal

Scrabbled Journal – August-September 2019

Hello dear readers! 😃

Thank you for stopping by for another (no bi-monthly) journal post. Hope you’re all doing well.

Now that summer is over and the weather is already improving, I feel like I’m starting to recover some of my energy levels, both physically and mentally. I sure need a boost as I’ve entered a critical phase in my studies.

See what else I’ve been up to after the jump!

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Scrabbled Journal

Scrabbled Journal – June-July 2019

Hello, friends!

August is here. That means we’re kind of halfway through summer. Hope that the weather is not mistreating you too much, although, if you’re in the northern hemisphere of the globe, you’ve probably experienced at least one heatwave. Ugh.

Be sure to take care in this heat. Why not just chillax in front of the fan, sipping a cold drink, while reading my new journal post? 😄 Tell me what you’ve been up to, as well.

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