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Music Rambles: My Favourite #Eurovision2017 Songs

We’re in May, which means it’s Eurovision time!

It’s a good excuse for a new post, even though it’s becoming harder to write about it. Nowadays I follow the Eurovision Song Contest more for the fun factor than for the songs. Of course, if the songs are good and of quality, it’s better!

Something that made my interest dip was last year’s outcome. I’m sorry, but I did not like Ukraine’s winning song. I dislike the political allusions surrounding it and how it was allowed to perform. The Ukraine-Russia rift culminated with the latter’s absence from the show. I also disagree about letting a country in such a sensitive situation splurge its money on the show.

Anyway, what counts is the entertainment. I watched both semi-finals this week, judged the songs and their stage performance, and discovered which ones I like. I’m going to list the songs I like without any order, and I’m also including some special extras.

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Scrabbled Journal

Scrabbled Journal – April 2017

Hello. Did anyone see April? I hardly saw it coming, and I certainly didn’t see it go!

Having two weeks of holidays always makes the month appear shorter. Of course, when you’re having fun, you don’t notice the clock ticking away. Well, my holidays were far from exciting, but it was still nice to be away from campus.

Here’s what I did this month.

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TV Rambles: The IT Crowd

© Channel 4

I’m back to reviewing my favourite TV shows after quite a long time. My intention with many of my reviews is to offer readers a nostalgic trip or an alternative to current mainstream shows, as well as to focus on specific productions concerning genres and themes.

Today I’m writing about The IT Crowd, a British production from the 2000s created by Graham Linehan, the mastermind behind other cult sitcoms such as Father Ted and Black Books (read my review). It’s one of Matt’s all-time favourites and, after he had introduced me to it, I became a big fan. I recently finished watching it for the third time.

As you should have deduced from the title, the central theme and setting are the IT industry, and it’s also about geeks.

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10 Types of Books I Wish I Had Time to Read

Bookworm problem #1: too many books, so little time. Agreed?

Every person who’s passionate about reading will, at some point, discover that they have too many books on their shelves, too many books in their TBR piles, and not enough time to go through all of them. The more you finish, the bigger the number of books you still have to read. It’s a lost cause!

This problem seems especially insurmountable if, like me, you’re interested in a vast range of books. I have around a thousand of books I wish to read on my Goodreads to-read list and Amazon wishlists. Whenever I browse these lists, I’m amazed at the variety. It’s no wonder, then, that I feel like I don’t read enough if I’m always sticking to the same kinds of books (lately I’m just into contemporary European fiction).

Compiling today’s list was hard because I had to squeeze everything into ten points. I’m sure I will find more types to add in a future follow-up, but in the meantime, here are the top 10 types of books I wish I had the time to read.

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