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This is where I start… again!

Hello dear readers, welcome. You have just stumbled upon my nth blog. I lost the count of all the blogs, personal or not, that I have created in the past decade. I always fail to continue updating or else I stop on random hiatuses, but somehow the attraction to writing drives me back towards this craft.

I will introduce myself: my name is Tiziana, Tizy for friends. I have no problem with revealing my real name now, I have nothing to hide anyway. Despite that, you’ll notice that I am blogging via an alias, Tatyana Valentyne. That is sort of my pen name as a “writer”/blogger.

The idea of going back to personal blogging came to me while I was in Sweden, earlier last month. On my second day there, while sitting in the living room of my hosts (my boyfriend’s relatives) and posting photos on my Instagram, I suddenly remembered that I should have brought a notebook with me so to write all about my Swedish experience. In the end I didn’t do it because I had missed the first days already. However, the idea of setting up a blog lingered and… here I am.

Choosing the title was the most difficult step, more difficult than choosing topics to write about. At first I was thinking of something that has to do with “wandering” and “wondering” but a quick Google search told me that it was not very original. With the help of a thesaurus, I came up with a related word: ramble. It hit the two main points of the blog’s theme: to walk aimlessly or for pleasure and to talk a lot and incoherently. Not that I plan to be incoherent in my posts! The word “ramble in this case will represent the variety of topics.

So naturally, my first set of posts will be dedicated to my trip in Sweden, hoping that I remember most of the details (the photos with short notes that I posted daily on Instagram will definitely help). Apart from that, I plan to write a little about any place in my country (Malta) that I might visit. All this should be accompanied by photos.

Moving away from the subject of “physical trips”, I plan to write about anything else that comes to my mind. Luckily my interests vary quite a lot (I hope!) so it should not be that difficult to find a topic, so to keep the blog going. There will definitely be much “rambling” about books, my biggest passion. Any book that deserves more than a short Goodreads review will end up on this space. I might also talk about movies and music, as well as topics of general knowledge.

In the end, this blog will also have the purpose of writing practice for me (“scrabbling”). Working with numbers and boring email templates in office for almost two years have made me doubt of my writing skills, so I am in desperate need to prove (to myself, first and foremost) that I am capable of writing and editing decently. However, tips are very, very welcome!

Here’s to hoping that this blog won’t be another failure! Although if you are reading this right now it is probably because you’ve found the link on one of my web profiles, please hit me up on Google+ or through the contact form, or even through the said profiles, and let me know what you think. 

Thanks and hope to receive your support!

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