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20 Goals I Am Determined to Pursue in 2016

I was never a fan of holidays and New Year’s Eve was one of those days that used to drive me insane. I could never get why people felt so positive about the start of a new year.

Or rather, I never understood why they had to wait for the turn of the calendar to do – or just hope for – something better, when changes can happen at any time of the year.

After all, what is so different from one year to another? Won’t we have the same problems to face? The same hypocrisies to defeat?
The same failed resolutions by the end of the first month of that year?

Nowadays I have toned down my pessimism. I am starting to understand that perhaps the human mind does need to grasp at a particular fixed moment to motivate itself into action. It really needs that symbolic “new year, new me”, especially after surviving a bad year.

In my case, 2015 has been a year of changes and challenges. I moved in with Matt, I quit my job, I achieved a good grade in an exam for which I had to study in a record three months, and I finally returned to university.

I have learned not to be afraid of changes and now it motivates me to challenge myself even more in 2016. That is why I have decided to set 20 goals to achieve during the coming year.

Note that I have started all the 20 phrases with “I will“. It may sound presumptuous but later on you will understand my intention.


  1. I will work hard for my assignments and exams so to pass them all with a good grade.
  2. I will quicken my pace in reading and revising for Semester 2 to avoid the backlog that I’ve been experiencing in my first semester.
  3. I will follow the Weekly Schedule that I have devised and printed to keep a good balance between my studies and my hobbies.
  4. I will, overall, become a better time manager.
  5. I will keep posting on my blog on a regular basis – with an average of one new post per week (excluding The Weekender’s).
  6. I will gather courage and energy to start writing short stories or do other types of creative writing.
  7. I will dedicate some time to manually accomplish something creative… perhaps I will go back to my old idea of creating collages.
  8. I will keep practicing photography.
  9. I will learn and practice Photoshop.
  10. I will go out more and explore places around Malta and then write about the outings on my blog.
  11. I will learn the basics of Swedish by the end of the year.
  12. I will read more books… increasing my Goodreads challenge to 25 books as a minimum.
  13. I will seek more learning options and take up Matt’s suggestions for online courses.
  14. I will learn how to cook so that we can depend less on my mum’s cooking.
  15. Eventually, I will cook and eat more meat-based meals, for my health’s sake.
  16. I will strive to be a better communicator with Matt to avoid silly misunderstandings.
  17. I will keep better contact with my few friends.
  18. I will be more attentive to my mother’s health and needs.
  19. I will not force myself to do anything I dislike and I will not waste any time on such things.
  20. I will keep challenging myself with the conviction that I can go further than I have ever imagined.

Did you understand why I did not write “I want to” or “I wish to”?
If I keep getting stuck on hope, I will hardly accomplish anything. I know what I am saying because of my past experiences.

In short: adopt a can-do approach to the new year!

Don’t take this as the usual positive attitude (I still consider myself as a pessimist). It is just a realistic view on how things work in life.
Want a change for the better? Then do something. Act.

You don’t need to do big things. The goals I have chosen are quite easy to accomplish if I work hard for them.

So go on. Write your list of goals or resolutions, whatever you want to call them. Write them on your blog or your diary. Or better, post them on your fridge or somewhere where you can keep an eye on them.

And remember to tell yourself “I will”. By doing that, you will be on the right track to achieve what you want.

May you have a good start to a new year filled with health and happiness!

Agree with the above? Want to share your 2015 accomplishments and your 2016 goals? Leave a comment on this post or drop me a mail


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