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Scrabbled Rambles is one year old and has moved!

scrabbled_rambles_on_wordpressWelcome to the new home of Scrabbled Rambles!

This was the major update I was hinting at in my last couple of posts.

Actually I was planning to launch it last Monday, 4th April, which happened to be the blog’s first birthday (I can’t believe it’s been that long already). However, partly because of my return to lectures, partly because of my studies and… mostly… because I am a time optimist, I did not manage to do so. Transferring the posts from Blogger wasn’t as smooth, as I had thought as I had to go through every single post again. That was what really held me back, I guess.

So, it was slightly disappointing not to launch the new page on that special day, but now I am happy and relieved to be finally settled.

Have you stumbled on Scrabbled Rambles just now? Then, welcome and go ahead, take a look around. I invite you to check the About page, where you will also find some particular posts as an example.

I would love to have feedback, suggestions or warnings of any broken links or stylistic defects (I am still tweaking). Either reply to this post, go to the Contact page or email me directly.

See you around! 🙂

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