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Music Rambles: My Top 5 Sweden Eurovision Songs

Welcome back to my multi-part series on the Eurovision Song Contest. While you’re waiting for tonight’s semi-final, you can go on a nostalgic trip with me.

After listing my favourite Maltese entries, today it’s time for the Swedish ones. Why? Well, apart from being the native country of my boyfriend and consequently a country I am interested in (as you may have already deduced from other posts on this blog), Sweden is also one of the most successful countries in this song contest as well as this year’s host of the show!

So check out my all-time faves and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for I will expand my horizons to the rest of Europe!

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5. The Ark – The Worrying Kind (2007)

Perhaps this is not a popular choice, considering that they only placed 18th, but it’s The Ark! I remember freaking out when I found out that they were going to participate because I had admired them in the period of their popular hits “It Takes a Fool to Remain Sane” and “Let Your Body Decide”. This song sounds different from those hits: more glam, more retro and more Eurovision-esque.

4. One More Time – Den Vilda (1996)

I can vaguely remember this song, but then again, in the 90s I was too young to care about songs other than my country’s. However, on listening to it again on YouTube, I can’t help but confirm it as one of the nicest Swedish songs in Eurovision. So ethereal. In fact, it placed 3rd.

3. Jan Johansen – Se på mig (1995)

Sweden had another 3rd-place finish the previous year with this touching ballad. Again, I don’t remember seeing this song on tv at the time, but Matt often plays it here at home, and I grew to love it!

2. Charlotte Perrelli – Hero (2008)

I remember that many Eurovision fans had high hopes for this song, not only because it was a typical Swedish schlager hit but also because Charlotte had already taken the trophy back in 1999. Yet, something wasn’t quite right, and it placed 18th.

1. Måns Zemerlöw – Heroes (2015)

It turns out that one hero is not enough to win the Eurovision, you need more! I was in doubt about putting Måns on top because it’s too recent. To hell with the doubts though. It’s a catchy song with an innovative stage performance by a charismatic singer. Besides, I heard the song for the first time on Melodifestivalen while I was in Sweden, so it will always bring back pleasant memories.

Special mentions

Loreen – Euphoria (2012)

I was close to leaving this out. Even though everyone loves it, I thought that – just like most of the songs that have won the contest in the last years – it was too obvious a win. Anyway, it’s still damn catchy, and it was one of those trend-setting songs because since then, more and more countries have chosen the electronica path.

Carola – Fångad av en stormvind (1991)

Carola is a big name in Eurovision, having participated three times. After placing 3rd on her first appearance, she won in 1991 with this hyper and catchy tune. She made a comeback 15 years later with “Invincible” – which I loved – and placed 5th.

ABBA – Waterloo (1974)

Of course, I couldn’t leave this out, but I refrained from putting it in my top 5 to avoid being too obvious. This is perhaps one of the few acts who went on to have a big career after Eurovision, with songs even much better than this (“Dancing Queen”, anyone?).

Sweden’s entry for Eurovision 2016

Frans – If I Were Sorry

He’s from Ystad, which is near Skurup in the Skåne region, he’s just 17, and he became known ten years ago with a football anthem dedicated to local hero Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Frans is cute, and the song sounds like it could be a radio hit, but I don’t think it’s winning material. I hope it won’t do too bad or else I will be… sorry.

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