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Scrabbled Journal – September 2016

If you have been following my blog for a while, you should have noticed that I didn’t post any Weekender’s Reads posts in the last weeks. I have been thinking about this section all summer as I felt that the concept was stale and going nowhere. I wanted to find a way where I can have one regular post in which I can write freely about my life.

Finally, taking advantage of the break I had because of travelling, I came up with the right format. Actually, it’s nothing original: I’ve seen several blogs doing this kind of post and I thought that it’s suitable in my case as well. It’s going to be a monthly post at the beginning of each month where I write about what happened in my life during the previous month. I’ll try to keep it short; it will be more a “scrabbled” (i.e. scribbled) than a rambling kind of post.

The Weekender’s Reads category has been archived under the Self-Development section in the menu and will not be updated anymore. That way, I will feel less burdened about having to find interesting articles to share (though I might still do it during this new post).

So, here’s what was going on in my life during September!

Life Pills


  • Going back to Sweden <3
  • Getting a new haircut – I’m back to a liberating, curly bob
  • Buying new stuff for and fixing old ones in our apartment
  • Having all lectures cancelled for the first two days of the semester due to the Anglo-Italian Conference
  • Attending that same conference, my very first one
  • Strolling in Valletta and in one of its public gardens after a very long time, I missed it


  • Leaving Sweden </3
  • End of my summer holidays
  • My health is still not 100% ok since August
Some of the places I saw in Sweden

Some of the places I saw in Sweden

Where I’ve been

  • Sweden: Of course, I’ve been mentioning it since forever. I am preparing two posts (just two, promise) in which I’ll briefly tell what happened there but, as a teaser, I can list the places I visited: Malmö, Skurup (where I lived), Trelleborg and Smygehuk (in Smygehamn).
  • The Anglo-Italian Conference: This was organised by the head of the Italian department and one of my professors in the English department. Apart from them and other lecturers from the departments, there were also professors from universities in Italy, UK and America. Despite my loneliness/awkwardness, it was an amazing and stimulating experience and it makes me want to continue in this area of studies.
Lines and curves - part of my view during my lunch break from the conference in Valletta

Lines and curves – part of my view during my lunch break from the conference in Valletta

What I’ve been watching

  • Swedish movies: I’ve been watching them since August and I’ve discovered some good ones. The ones I liked this month were With Every Heartbeat and the retro crime series based on Maria Lang’s novels.
  • F is for Family: Matt found this animated comedy series on Netflix and it was actually great! There’s only one season of six episodes so far and I hope they will continue it. It’s funny in a kind of dark way, the protagonist is grumpy and swears.
  • Catfish: The summer season ended a couple of weeks ago and I already miss Nev and Max. This MTV show is my no. 1 guilty pleasure!
  • New seasons of my favourite shows: I watched the first episodes of Family GuyBob’s Burgers and The Big Bang Theory. The latter one is still being a let-down though and I hope that this season will be the last one.

What I’ve been reading

  • Around Europe in 14 Books: I finished my 14-book summer challenge exactly this week. I was very pleased that most of the books I read this month were really good. I’m referring to The Eye CollectorStone in a Landslide and The Sense of an Elephant. These are probably the last books of pleasure I’ll be reading in a long while…
  • Goodreads Challenge: At least the last book made me finish my 30-book goal on Goodreads! Now it’s too late to modify the number once again (I already edited once earlier in summer).
  • Frankenstein by Mary Shelley: I started it but I have no idea when I’ll finish it…
  • Federer: This month I also finished reading with Matt Fedegraphica, the latest biography about tennis star Roger Federer. It was fun to read out loud books with someone else, too bad that I won’t have time for that during winter.
  • Currently reading: At the moment, I’m going through an Italian textbook on genre/popular literature. And I have James Joyce and Machiavelli waiting for me… gulp.


  • Finished the Around Europe in 14 Books series and planning one final post as an overview.
  • Nothing else, unfortunately. I never managed to publish (or even finish writing) some posts that I wanted to share during summer.
  • October priorities: the two Sweden posts, the reading challenge overview and hopefully a couple of posts that should have been posted last month. I’m also planning a themed series of posts for November.
What have you been up to lately? Do you have a story, a recommendation or anything to share? Leave a comment on this post or drop me a mail!
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