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Scrabbled Journal – July 2017

My first month of summer holidays is over, and there’s only a little shorter than two months left before I start my third and final year in university.

Yes, third and last year… I can’t believe I’m saying that. It means that I passed all my second-year exams! That’s how good July was to me! 😊

Life Pills


  • That feeling of freedom from any schedule or must-do things 😎
  • Reading Backman novels 🇸🇪📚
  • Watching a lot of movies with Matt 🎬❤️
  • Seeing Roger Federer winning Wimbledon 🎾💙
  • A new place in town where to get tasty comfort food 🍔
  • The new trailer for the Borg/McEnroe movie, can’t wait to see it! 🇸🇪🎾
  • The initial excitement of collecting books to read for my thesis (I say initial cos I know it will soon turn into despair)
  • And, of course, receiving my exam results in mid-month, with mostly stellar grades 💪


  • Lethargy, procrastination and… four heatwaves in a row?! 😰
  • Still not quite right, healthwise
  • Chester Bennington’s death 😢

What I’ve been watching

  • Letterboxd is telling me that I watched 57 movies (including TV movies and miniseries). Wow! That’s more than a third of the films I’ve seen from the start of the year!
  • This is mostly thanks to my mission to watch as much of Michael Nyqvist as possible. You can read about the best Nyqvist films I’ve seen in last week’s post.
  • Meanwhile, I will list other stuff worth mentioning.
    • More Nyqvist: Three movies I wished I could mention in the list were DisconnectDay and Night and The Kautokeino Rebellion, but sadly, Nyqvist’s role in them was too small and almost insignificant. Disconnect tells three different stories related to the dangers of online chats and forums. It’s so heartbreaking. Highly recommended! Day and Night follows the last day in the life of a man (an enigmatic Mikael Persbrandt) who meets up with people inside his car. Absolutely chilling and thought-provoking. The Kautokeino Rebellion is based on a real uprising by a Sami community in a 19th-century Norwegian village.
    • In between: We also watched a bunch of other Swedish stuff. The family movies The Slingshot and Sunes sommar were great: one is a heartwarming coming-of-age story, and the other is a fun, summery film. The majority of the other feel-good films were mediocre, or they simply fell flat. Worth mentioning are Offside, about the revival of a football team in a small village, and The Ketchup Effect, which surprised me in its portrayal of teen bullying and peer pressure – I liked it more than expected. Other films I unexpectedly liked were The Invisible with Gustaf Skarsgård and Tuva Novotny, about a guy who gets killed and then roams as a ghost, and House of Angels and its sequel, which made me dream of owning an old house in the Swedish countryside.
    • TV miniseries: I was impressed by the series Kronprinsessan and the sequels Kungamordet and Drottningoffret. They’re set in the Swedish political environment in the 2000s, but thankfully it was more than about politics, it was also about the individuals’ lives. I especially liked their feminist mood.
    • The Lego Batman Movie: I was excited about this, but then I was a tad disappointed. I loved the parts where they make fun of the superhero genre or the movie industry, the rest a little less. It was often chaotic too.
    • So bad, they’re… awful: Last week we watched three movies popular for being ‘so bad, they’re good’, but I respectfully disagree. They’re just too bad. These are Double Down and Fateful Findings by Neil Breen and Birdemic. It’s fun to watch them for the first time, but they’re more boring than they seem. They made me feel sorry for making fun of Tommy Wiseau’s The Room, that one was much better!
    • 80s cheese: While learning about terribly bad movies on Youtube, we accidentally discovered Teen Witch, an 80s teen comedy famous for a bizarre scene where white guys dance and rap, thinking they’re cool. That song and dance have become our favourite thing this month!

What I’ve been reading

  • Backman: I have only read two novels, both by Fredrik Backman. That’s a lot, considering my slow pace and my packed reading list for my studies. You already know what I thought of My Grandmother Sends Her Regards & Apologises; I will post the review of Britt-Marie Was Here later this month.
  • Thesis: I started reading texts for my thesis. I read my main text, Nascita e morte della massaia (translated to Birth and Death of the Housewife) by Paola Masino. I chose this author almost blindly, but thankfully I loved the book, even though some parts are difficult to interpret (after all, it belongs to the fantastic literature). Now I’m starting to read more around the genre, with lots of short stories. It’s kinda fun (for now).


  • My blogging month went much better than expected because I kept to my one-post-a-week routine. For the first time, I also managed to finish most of my posts (besides the Nyqvist one and this one) days before publishing. That felt weird… usually, I’m running against time and publishing straight away.
  • My favourite post was the Manifesto for the Empowerment of the Stressed Blogger, not only because I received lots of positive feedback about it but also because, once I typed out my thoughts, I immediately felt better about my blogging routine and goals.
  • August plan: I already have most of my next posts in mind, but I haven’t finished them all. I’ve got lots of ideas for posts that I find exciting, but they require some research. Now that I’m obliged to think about my thesis readings, I don’t know what will happen, but I’m not minding too much. I also wrote down a plan for editing and overhauling most of my posts. I’ll try to reserve at least a day a week just for blogging, whether it’s for writing posts or tweaking. ☺️
What have you been up to lately? Do you have a story, a recommendation or anything to share? Leave a comment on this post or drop me a mail!
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