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Scrabbled Journal – September 2017

Hello, dear readers. Hope you had a great start to October. 😊

Yeah, I’m still alive and kicking despite the silence. I went mute for longer than I had wanted to, but I wasn’t going to skip my journal post. It’s not just my studies and the start of the academic year that kept me away, there were other things too.

Take a look at my life pills to know what, and read more about what happened during September.

Life Pills


  • ‘Spring-cleaning’ our apartment from unwanted stuff, selling some and throwing out others
  • Renovating our ex-guestroom into my home office – so excited to see the end result! 😍🏠
  • Buying and fixing more things in the flat that make our lives easier
  • Back to lectures, hoping that the routine will help me get my energy back 💪
  • Getting things done after a whole summer of shirking (because it’s too hot to run errands outside, etc.) 👊
  • September being a tad less humid than usual and with no big, scary storms ☔️
  • Book-swapping and receiving exciting books for my summer-reading next year 💕📚

Books received lately from Book Mooch. Another one is on the way!


  • Regrets on buying particular furnishings and then having to get rid of them at a loss (but, the fun of planning my home office and picking up new furniture overshadows that!)
  • Leaving all these chores and changes to the days before going back to uni increased my stress a little
  • Feeling like I’ve fallen behind on my study/reading schedule
  • I don’t even want to list ‘health’ again, but there were still some issues that bothered me

Starting my final year as an undergraduate 🎓

  • The first week of Semester 1 is over. My timetable is pretty comfortable, with a few lectures from Monday to Wednesday (though it might change by having one on Thursdays). I only have lectures in Italian since that’s my specialisation and it’s my third and final year of the programme.
  • I’m excited because I’m genuinely interested in every subject this time. We’re finally moving to 19th and 20th-century literature, precisely my cup of tea, haha. I’ll also be studying about novel theory, modern and contemporary poetry, comparative studies, contemporary films, music, and the linguistic situation of today. Oh yes, I definitely feel better when learning about more recent times.

What I’ve been watching

  • Movies: This month, I logged 17 films on Letterboxd. My absolute favourite was the Back to the Future series (so happy to finally catch up with this 80’s cult gem). I also liked Girl with a Pearl Earring for its story and the use of colour, and The Madness of King George for its great actors and fascinating story.
  • Historical drama: We’re keeping to period films and TV series, like last month. Apart from the movie about King George III, we watched Lady Jane (about Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Days Queen, but in this film, they turned her story into a romantic drama), Amazing Grace (about the end of the British slave trade) and Vatel (a French movie about an overworked steward to a prince during King Louis XIV’s reign). Right now, we’re watching the BBC drama Charles II: The Power and the Passion with yummy Rufus Sewell, while following Season 2 of ITV’s Victoria.
  • GoT Fail: Matt made me watch the very first two episodes of Game of Thrones and… nope, it’s not for me. I might have liked the story in the long run, but I don’t want to sit through a violence fest just to get to the story of a couple of characters that seem interesting.

What I’ve been reading

  • Study: I finished reading my first batch of texts in prep for the dissertation. However, right after, we started with our ‘spring-cleaning’ mission, and so I fell behind on my schedule. I also thought I would have time to read my last Backman books before going back to uni, but nothing. In the meantime, Matt has not only caught up with me, but he also read the latest Backman, Beartown, and its sequel (which hasn’t been translated into English yet). Gah, so jealous.

Some of the books I purchased for my dissertation


  • Silent September: Well, of course, you have noticed by now that I didn’t blog at all this month. Like with reading, I thought I would catch up a bit in the last weeks, but I was wrong. I went from feeling no remorse about staying away from the blog (I still worked on some ideas that I had on my notebook) to wanting to come back to feeling like I should stay away for much longer.
  • October: I’ll just keep going with the flow. If I don’t find the time to actually publish something (or at least do some of my planned mass-editing), so be it. The thought of having a notebook full of ideas, some almost entirely planned out, keeps me reassured and at peace.
What have you been up to lately? Do you have a story, a recommendation or anything to share? Leave a comment on this post or drop me a mail!
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  • Reply Myna Kaltschnee 12th October 2017 at 2:13 pm

    Nice to read from you again. I loved the Back to the Future movies, too. Now that you mention them I think it’s time to rewatch them sometime soon. I didn’t watch a movie since August. I don’t watch many movies in general. In the past I loved watching a good DVD in the evening on the weekends, but now I am usually doing other stuff instead.

    Love and hugs,
    Mimi xoxo

    • Reply Tiziana 15th October 2017 at 2:51 pm

      I didn’t watch a lot before, and I still don’t call myself a movie fan. It’s thanks to Matt that I started to watch so much and in a way I’m grateful because I finally get to watch some iconic films. But after watching a lot in a row, I definitely need a break!

      Thanks for the comment xxx

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