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Scrabbled Journal – October 2017

Hello readers!

Welcome to November and welcome to my brief comeback from the online Limbo I’ve gone to. I hope you had a good October, whether you celebrated Halloween (I didn’t, I never do) or just went on with your usual routine.

My month was pretty eventful! Check today’s post to see what I’ve been up to.

Life Pills


  • Easing back into the routine and the (short-lived) feeling of being in line with my lectures when it comes to typing/revising my notes (FYI, it only lasted two weeks 😅)
  • Attending some interesting cultural events, the best ones with my fave classmates 🎥
  • Starting our promenade walks again, sometimes managing two walks in a week, woohoo!🚶
  • Dog-spotting (and shamelessly laughing our ass off at silly, barky ones) 🐶
  • Befriending a new, cuddly ginger cat 🐱
  • Going back to our favourite pub in town to chomp on burgers 🍔
  • Planning stuff to buy for our Christmas dinner and new decorations🎄
  • Reading good, thought-provoking novels 📖

Kitties 🙂


  • Reading and studying and stressing during the weekend, just because I slack off during weekdays 😓
  • Rescheduled lectures that ruin my Thursday-Sunday long weekends
  • Missing lectures because of a storm (it has to happen once a year, at least) ☔️
  • Hospital appointments (especially when they’re useless, and they have to set up a new appointment)
  • Body aches that come and go (or stay, without ever going) 😷

This graffiti reminded me of my fave childhood anime. It’s sad/ironic that they wrote it on a dilapidated ex-hotel, also known as a ‘palace’.

Where I’ve been

  • Italian Language Week: For the second year in a row, I had the opportunity to attend this event at the Italian Cultural Institute in Valletta. This time it went better because I managed to go to three talks! This year’s theme was the Italian language in relation to films. Two conferences dealt with movies I studied, while the third one was about subbing and dubbing in Italian. I really enjoyed all of them!
  • La locandiera: On that same week (so yeah, that was a busy time for me), I went to see a Maltese adaptation of this famous comedy by Carlo Goldoni – again, something I had already studied. Excluding school outings and pantos, this was my first theatre attendance, and I had fun! It was interesting to see how they translated it.

What I’ve been watching

  • Wow, I’ve hardly watched anything last month, what a difference from two months ago! That’s because we were mostly watching old Hell’s Kitchen seasons while catching up with the new All-Stars season, as well as the new episodes of Family GuyBob’s Burgers and South Park. The other things I watched were:
    • Two BBC seriesCharles II: The Power and the Passion (about King Charles II’s political drama and numerous love affairs) and The Lost Prince (about King George V’s youngest son who had epilepsy). Both highly recommended!
    • Two movies I’m studyingNuovomondo (Golden Door), about Sicilians emigrating to America in the early 20th century, and Lamerica, set during the Albanian migrant crisis in the 90s. I liked them both and I’m starting to appreciate better films about migration (like Fire at Sea – read my review).
    • DocumentaryLove Me, which is about a group of men who pay ‘match-making’ websites to meet Ukrainians for marriage. It’s… interesting, but also very jarring, as you may deduce from the subject matter.
    • Short film: What can I say about Asparagus, a rare, hard-to-find short film by Susan Pitt from 1979? Nothing much really, because I didn’t know how to interpret it. All I got was that it’s about women’s sexuality. It was certainly hypnotic to watch.

What I’ve been reading

  • Italian novels: Amongst all the reading I have to do for my dissertation (I’m forever stuck in this phase, I need to kick myself into actually starting to write), I managed to read two Italian novels we’re studying. These were Quaderni di Serafino Gubbio operatore (The Notebooks of Serafino Gubbio) by Luigi Pirandello and I Malavoglia (The House by the Medlar Tree) by Giovanni Verga. I loved them both, although they’re not exactly a pleasant read. And I’m happy that I’m in line with the lectures when it comes to reading, even though I know I won’t be anymore by the end of this month.


  • I wrote one post in October, The College Freshman Book Tag, which I had been working on for way too long. There is absolutely no way I can improve my blogging rate at this point, and it’s going to be a long, indefinite hiatus (except for the journal posts, which I’ll try to continue regularly) unless I publish quick posts such as tags.
  • At least, I still had a couple of good things happening in this sphere. First, I got a surprise award nomination from Claire @ From Claire’s POV, which I’ll hopefully put up during this month. Then, I participated in another blog party from Steph @ Scale it Simple, where I discovered new bloggers to follow and I got more feedback on one of my favourite and best posts of the year, Manifesto for the Empowerment of the Stressed Blogger.
What have you been up to lately? Do you have a story, a recommendation or anything to share? Leave a comment on this post or drop me a mail!
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