Scrabbled Journal

Scrabbled Journal – July-August 2018

Hello everyone! Hope that summer (or winter, depending which hemisphere you’re living in) has been treating you well.

I’m back with another combined Scrabbled Journal post because too little happened in July to deserve a whole post. Actually, August was just uneventful. Oh well, it’s no surprise. The summer heat doesn’t let me do anything, except reading and watching TV under the A/C, which I did for most of the days!

Life Pills


  • Still feeling all the good vibes after receiving my final uni results 🎓🎉
  • Spending more time with Matt, Dash and Rowley, now that I’m free 💖
  • Reading just for pleasure after such a LONG time 📖
  • Staying away from the computer for several days in a row – it feels great! 😎
  • Watching awesome TV shows (and the occasional binge-watching sessions) 📺
  • Birthday and anniversary gifts from Matt: a new phone cover, the latest Fredrik Backman book aaand… the Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD box set – my autumn/winter TV-watching is all set! 😍


  • Sadness and disappointment over my Master’s application (still haven’t got any letter yet but 99% the course won’t open, and I will have to wait till February to enter another programme) 😞
  • That uncomfortable “Now what? I should be doing something useful” feeling 😱
  • Heat and humidity – I will NEVER stop complaining about these 😰🔥

Doggie Diaries 🐶

  • Earlier in August, I’ve updated you all about our Dash and Rowley. There isn’t much to add, except that they’re growing up fast (they’re 9 and 8 months now) and that their characters are evolving every day.
  • I love spending all day with them, playing, cuddling, and giving them all the attention I couldn’t give while I was studying. There’s always the occasional scream too because they’re so naughty (they destroyed most of their plushies, blankets and their old beds). But most of all, I’m always amazed by how happy they are to see me back home from outside, they really go crazy. Especially Rowley, he just cannot stand being without both of his pawrents (Dash is more of a daddy’s boy).
  • Dash seems to be abandoning his shyness when we’re walking outside. He’s more often approaching strangers and other dogs on his own accord. He’s even started to bark at some other dogs as if he wants their attention.
  • Rowley’s hyper moments are becoming crazier. When he’s in play mode, he jumps like a kangaroo, screams like a monkey, and rolls to the side, asking for a scratch behind his ears. He’s also developed what we call a ‘missile kiss’: when he’s too excited, he jumps towards our faces, and we get ‘kissed’ by his nose. It still freaks me out every time, haha.
  • We can’t wait for autumn and cooler weather so that we can go out for more walks. I pity them for having to stay in one room with the A/C for most of the day.
  • Check all the latest pics on Instagram: @dashandrowley.

Watching me while I’m cooking, hoping for some crumbs

What I’ve been watching

  • Movies: We took a long break from films, watching more TV shows instead, only to recover a little in August, as you can see from my Letterboxd diary. Aside from a couple of rewatches, we saw:
    • Animation: I liked Isle of Dogs for its originality in the animation and language, and I appreciated Bilal: A New Breed of Hero for its touching story (and it’s an Arabic production; quite unusual, I think).
    • Book-to-film adaptations: I watched The 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared right after finishing the book (more on that further down). While liking the first half as it resembled the novel, by the end I was bored and disappointed. And I finally watched Let the Right One In after reading the book a few years ago. I loved it just as much, the two young actors are too sweet. It makes me want to reread all John Ajvide Lindqvist books.
    • Festival: Matt found this little-known 2005 film, set during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, with Chris O’Dowd and Richard Ayoade from The IT Crowd. It’s nothing special, a bit low quality, but its black humour is entertaining enough.
  • TV: My list of favourite TV shows has been completely revolutionised this summer; I loved all the new ones I’ve seen.
    • The Bridge: I’m glad I’ve caught up with this famous Swedish-Danish noir, it’s the best crime show (or film) I’ll probably ever see. All the gruesome murders, the twists (and twisted characters), the fallible and unheroic police force, and of course her, Saga Norén. If I’m pressed to find something to complain about, I’d say it’s the motives behind the killings across all seasons (elaborate revenge murders tend to become unbelievable and tiring after some time) and the cliffhanger ending to Season 2. Oh, but I can’t believe this series is over!
    • Äkta människor (Real Humans): We finished our bout of Swedish shows (for now) with one set in an alternate universe where AI technology has progressed so much that ‘Hubots’ – robots with human features – dominate the market and have infiltrated almost every household. We were impressed by the quality of this series (sci-fi productions in Sweden are a bit rare). I loved how they dealt with important and current issues such as prejudice and discrimination from the robots’ side, and when you think about the latest AI developments, the show seems like an eerie warning of what might happen in the future. It’s a pity that they cancelled it after two seasons (you can see from the finale that the creator intended to continue the story). In any case, highly recommended!
    • HumansThe Swedish Real Humans is so good that it has a UK remake which airs on Channel 4 (and on AMC in USA/Canada). It repeats the general story and many of the main characters, however, it differs a lot from the original. At first, I didn’t like it as much as Real Humans, but the third season piqued my interest as the clash between humans and robots (here they’re called ‘Synths’) became more evident. I do hope they soon confirm Season 4.
    • Black Mirror: Craving for more sci-fi/dystopia, I succumbed to this one after hearing a lot about it, even in some of my classes. No regrets! I liked most of the episodes, particularly those dissing social media use. And now I have yet another series for which I have to wait for, ugh, I hate this feeling, haha.

What I’ve been reading

  • Jonas Jonasson: After finishing some books from my studies in July, I read four books by the same Swedish author. The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared is his first and most notable novel. It’s as funny as advertised, there were several laugh-out-loud moments, and I loved the satirical commentary on 20th-century political history. Sadly, The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden and Hitman Anders and the Meaning of It All, although still entertaining, weren’t as good. The last Jonasson book came out just a few weeks ago and I pre-ordered it while reading The 100-Year-Old Man as it’s the sequel to that. The Accidental Further Adventures of the 100-Year-Old Man is based on current events and has Trump, Kim Jong-un, Merkel, and Putin in it, so I was eager to read it. It was… okay. Funny, but still lacking when compared to the first book. I should be writing detailed reviews of these books in the coming weeks.

Dash approving my reads 🙂


  • August: It started out well with two posts, one about the dogs and a review of a recent film release. But from my birthday onwards, I started to spend whole days away from my laptop, just reading and watching TV, and the desire to blog simply vanished. Ouch.
What have you been up to lately? Do you have a story, a recommendation or anything to share? Leave a comment on this post or drop me a mail!
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  • Reply Myna Kaltschnee 11th September 2018 at 9:32 pm

    Hey Tizy,

    nice to read from you again. So am I not the only one who thinks that time flies so fast? I mean, it’s almost autumn (and I’m glad about that, because I also hate heat and humidity.) We had a very dry and hot summer, too and I don’t have an A/C. Just a fan. Some days I had 31 degrees centigrade in my apartment. phew

    I have heard of The 100-year-old Man of course. Everybody was talking about it. I never read it, though. But now that you recommend it, I might add it to my wishlist.

    You like thrillers, don’t you? I can really recommend “Follow You Home” by Mark Edwards, that I read this summer. Afterwards I talked to the author on Twitter and he was so nice and sent me a signed copy of his book for free. I was so happy about that. He’s really awesome and the book is very thrilling.

    Have a nice week and all the best,

    • Reply Tiziana 2nd October 2018 at 3:00 pm

      Hey Mimi! 🙂 Sorry for replying so late to your comment, I was offline (from my laptop) most of the time last month.

      Yes, time seems to fly fast indeed, but they say that’s a good sign; if it seems slow, it often feels like a torture.

      With the kind of humidity we get here, the temperature felt on our skin was much higher than the actual, sometimes it felt close to 40 degrees.
      Thankfully the weather is changing now, it’s cooler and it’s storming just right now.

      Yep, The 100-Year-Old Man can be a good read if you’re up to some dark humour and satire. 🙂
      Thanks for the book suggestion! I added it to my Goodreads to-read shelf (although I don’t know how I will ever read all the books on that shelf, I have over 500!). It’s so cool that you got to talk to the author! 🙂

      Thanks for always reading and commenting, have a nice week. <3

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