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10 TV Shows I’m Eager to Watch in 2019

Television has changed so much in the past few years. With the advent of streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, the TV offer has expanded, diversified, and improved in quality (and that’s why I respectfully disagree with those who still insist that they’re above TV; there’s something for everyone, if you just bother to look up all options).

My TV viewing has changed too. As a kid, before Internet access and box sets, I could only watch whatever was broadcasted on a small number of channels. When I moved in with Matt, he introduced me to several shows, some of which had already come to an end, and we would have month-long marathons. Recently, however, we’ve been trying out newer TV series. Many of these are still ongoing, so waiting for the new seasons has become part of the excitement (sometimes it’s nerve-wracking though, especially when a season ends with a cliffhanger).

So, today I am listing – in no particular order – ten TV shows that I’m eagerly waiting for this year. They are continuations of ongoing series, but I’ve also included an extra entry, a brand-new work from one of my favourite personalities, which is coming out soon.

While I do mention some teasing tidbits found on various news sites, if you still have to catch up on some of these shows, do not worry as I kept it spoiler-free (however, the sources I’ve linked might not be).

10 TV Shows I’m Eager to Watch in 2019

1. Stranger Things (Netflix)

Season 3 Release Date: July 4th, 2019

This is the only entry on the list (as a continuation of a series) where we actually know the release date and the names of the new episodes. Season 3 will be set in the summer of 1985, therefore a few months after where we left off. It seems like love is in the air for some of the kids. But has Hawkins returned to normality? Apart from the 80’s references (Back to the Future, released in July 1985, should be prominent), I look forward to seeing Cary Elwes (another actor who started his career in the late 80’s), who’s supposed to play the new (and corrupt) mayor. (Source)

2. The Crown (Netflix)

Season 3 Release Date: late 2019, possibly November or December

The next two seasons will give us new faces as the protagonists are growing older. That’s right, no more Claire Foy and Matt Smith. Olivia Colman – fresh from her triumph at the Oscars – will be Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip will be played by Tobias Menzies (Game of Thrones), while Helena Bonham Carter will be Princess Margaret. Season 3 will start off from 1964 and, towards the end, we should see more of Prince Charles, with the introduction of Camilla Parker Bowles and possibly Lady Di as well. Oh, and Gillian Anderson will play Margaret Thatcher! (Source)

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Olivia Colman and Tobias Menzies as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip © Netflix via Entertainment Weekly

3. Black Mirror (Netflix)

Season 5 Release Date: possibly late 2019

In March 2018, it was confirmed that Season 5 was in production and, considering previous release dates, fans were expecting it to be out in December of the same year. What we got instead was Bandersnatch, the first Black Mirror full-length interactive film. Netflix is still confirming Season 5 for later this year, even though no release dates or episode count have been announced yet. Creator Charlie Brooker also says that the new stories will be less dystopian and more optimistic (perhaps along the lines of San Junipero?). We keep waiting with bated breath! (Source)

4. Rick and Morty (Adult Swim)

Season 4 Release Date: late 2019

I’ve only seen this show a couple of months ago, but longtime fans have been waiting for new episodes for over a year. Thankfully, the series has been renewed for at least 70 more episodes, so we know that Rick and Morty aren’t going anywhere… that is, except across all dimensions of the universe! Production is currently ongoing, with creator and voice actor Justin Roiland recently hinting at a potential “Interdimensional Cable” episode. I can’t wait to see what will happen to the Smith family and I miss that foul-mouthed nihilist of Rick. It’s time to get schwifty! (Source)

5. Big Mouth (Netflix)

Season 3 Release Date: late 2019, around September/October

I’m goooing through chaaanges! This animated series shot up in my list of favourites after just a few episodes. The misfortunes and awkwardness of these kids as they come to terms with their hormones – which, in this case, are literal, talking hormone monsters – are hilarious. On Valentine’s Day, we were treated to a special episode, “My Furry Valentine”. I loved that they gave a story to one of the minor characters, Matthew (the only gay boy), which will presumably carry on in Season 3, alongside those of Nick, Andrew, Jessi, Missy, and Jay. (Source)

6. BoJack Horseman (Netflix)

Season 6 Release Date: possibly by the end of summer 2019

Unlike the previous two animated shows, it took me a while to appreciate BoJack Horseman. Anthropomorphic animals are funny, almost ridiculous, but don’t let that fool you: the story of the struggling ex-90’s sitcom star BoJack is as dark as it gets, tackling mental health and addiction, amongst other issues. Things got even darker, if possible, in the last season. But is there hope for BoJack? Judging by the Season 5 finale and by creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s words, there might be. (Source)

7. Vår tid är nu (SVT/Viaplay)

Season 3 Release Date: autumn 2019

The first of three Swedish entries on my list. Unfortunately, it seems like no English-speaking channel or platform has picked this up, which is a shame because it’s great! Having been compared to Downtown Abbey, Vår tid är nu (Our Time is Now, or alternatively The Restaurant) is a historical drama of high quality that follows the saga of the Löwander family and their famed Stockholm restaurant, spanning the decades after the end of WWII. Season 3, which will air next autumn in Sweden and will start out from 1968 (a historically hot year), is supposed to be the last one, but there might be some sort of continuation in the future. (Source)

Vår tid är nu © SVT

8. Bonus Family (SVT/Netflix)

Season 3 Release Date: ongoing in Sweden/possibly in July 2019 on Netflix

Nordic drama fans got luckier with Bonusfamiljen because Netflix streams this Swedish dramedy around six months after its original release. The show follows a new couple, Lisa and Patrik, both divorced, as they attempt to form a new family of their own, while also raising under one roof the kids they had with their former spouses. In Season 3, a year after where we left off, the ‘bonus’ effect will be multiplied as their exes are each seeking love and a family of their own. Sadly, it seems like SVT won’t be renewing the series after this season. (Source 1 and 2)

9. Alex (Viaplay/Channel 4)

Season 2 Release Date: late 2019

Back to familiar territory, that is Scandi noir. With a difference though: this is not your usual crime series, as the titular protagonist (played by Dragomir Mrsic) is actually part and parcel of the underworld he’s supposed to fight. And those connections which keep him tied to his dark past are threatening to tear his family apart. Season 1 was picked up by the Walter Presents service on Channel 4 and aired during last autumn. Therefore, the new episodes shouldn’t reach the UK before 2020. (Source)

10. You (Netflix)

Season 2 Release Date: late 2019

Yes, I’m onboard the You train as well, and no, not because I fancy the protagonist, bookshop manager/stalker Joe (Penn Badgley, Gossip Girl). The show, based on the novel by Caroline Kepnes, does a great job in confusing and freaking out viewers. In fact, You exposes just how creepy romcoms in general are. The first season ended with a breathtaking cliffhanger which suggests that Joe’s past may still play a big part in Season 2. The setting will change from New York to L.A., but perhaps Joe’s ways won’t change as he will find a new love interest, played by Victoria Pedretti (The Haunting of Hill House). (Source)

Bonus: After Life (Netflix)

Season 1 Release Date: March 8th, 2019

This is a new, six-part series that marks the return of Ricky Gervais to original TV production since Derek (my review), after last year’s stand-up special, Humanity. It seems like this will be his darkest comedy so far as he plays Tony, a recent widower who ditches the idea of suicide in favour of doing and saying whatever he likes, irrelevant of the consequences. Sounds totally Ricky to me. Gervais will be reunited with previous co-stars Kerry Godliman (Derek) and Ashley Jensen (Extras). (Source)

Do you follow any of these TV shows? Which ones are you excited to watch again? Leave a comment on this post or drop me a mail!
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