Scrabbled Journal

Scrabbled Journal – April 2019

It’s gonna be May!

Time’s passing like a blur, but I guess that’s a good thing; it means that I’m fairly occupied and content.

How are you all? I’m doing well, and April has been an okay month, excluding a little emergency with one of the dogs (everything’s fine, thankfully). Read more below.

Life Pills


  • Easter food (Lent bread, chocolate eggs, figolla) – eat you next year! 😋
  • Getting more and more into tennis and seeing some faves (Fabio Fognini and Dominic Thiem) winning titles 🎾


  • Rowley needing a visit (three, actually) to the vet’s clinic – he gave us quite a scare! 😱
  • My sinuses acting up, thanks to the stupid mid-season weather 😷

Doggie Diaries 🐶

  • The most significant thing that happened with the dogs this month was a bad one, unfortunately. I had to take Rowley to the vet because of a lump that he had on one side of his posterior. Everything was pointing to an abscess, which is a common issue. He needed surgery, but he wasn’t ready to go under the knife yet, so he was sent home with an antibiotics plan. On that night though, he started to bleed slowly from the spot where he got tested with the needle. I got the confirmation through a late-night call to an emergency clinic that it was something normal, but it was still so worrying! After a tough night in which we hardly slept, I took him to the vet again to get it cleaned. On the third visit, after a few days, we were relieved to know that he didn’t need the surgery because of that spontaneous bleeding, which had made the lump deflate. After a couple of weeks on meds, Rowley is now perfectly fine! 🙏
  • This experience has taught us how the dogs cannot stay without each other (apart from all the fuss they do when one of us goes out). I had to take Rowley to the vet (thanks to my parents who drove me to the nearby clinic), while Matt had to stay home with Dash. He told me that Dash cried a lot for his brother. And Rowley is one desperate little dog every time something out of the ordinary happens. I had a hard time stopping him from barking, from the moment we were out of the door to when we were on the street (the neighbours must have loved us!). Anyway, it’s so sweet to see that these two brothers-from-different-mothers love each other so much. 💙

Rowley in position, demanding ear scratches

Where I’ve been

  • Anglo-Italian studies conference: After going to a couple of literary talks during the previous month, a week ago I attended this conference in the capital for the third time in a row. It’s always a pleasure and an inspiration to be surrounded by academics hailing from different parts of the world and to hear the latest from their research.

What I’ve been watching

  • Movies: We only watched two movies this month.
    • A Star is Born: This much-talked-about film was good, but I started to enjoy it more during its second half. Lady Gaga was impressive as an actress.
    • Best F(r)iends: This lesser-known movie, divided into two parts, reunited Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau, the infamous writer/director/producer/actor of The Room, one of the worst ever movies made (which has become a cult). Thankfully, Wiseau was only an actor here, and he actually stood out because his character was as weird as himself. It doesn’t mean that it was a good movie, just interesting.
  • TV: Four TV series this month, three of which were Swedish.
    • Noir: We started with Modus, a crime series spread over two seasons. Unfortunately, it was very underwhelming: annoying main characters for whom I couldn’t care, boring criminals, and crimes that weren’t as shocking as in other similar shows. On the other hand, Conspiracy of Silence (Ingen Utan Skuld) was more interesting (though a slow burner) as it dealt with political conspiracies. Still not as good as some other Swedish noir.
    • Quicksand (Störst av allt): This Swedish Netflix Original was released earlier in April, and it’s easy to binge-watch. It’s about a girl accused of involvement in a high school shooting in Stockholm. I loved the story, the characters, and the relatively new actors. Besides it being engaging, it also dwells on some poignant issues, for example, the treatment by the media of young females accused of high-profile crimes.
    • The Alienist: I’ve been meaning to watch this for a long while, but it only came back to my mind now after my current M.A. research led me to read about the history of early psychiatry. It’s the best thing I’ve seen this month! I loved the characters and actors (Daniel Brühl, Luke Evans, Dakota Fanning) and the setting (late 19th-century New York). The crimes investigated were gruesome and credible. I hope there will be a continuation soon.
  • Anime: On Matt’s suggestion, we took a break from regular TV shows (I was feeling an oncoming burnout) and watched an anime about tennis called Baby Steps. It wasn’t as exciting as the popular Prince of Tennis, but it slowly grew on me. I liked how it goes through all the basics, and the tennis moves were realistic (which is unusual, if you’re familiar with sports anime). Sadly, this series was stopped after just two seasons, shame.

What I’ve been reading

  • I didn’t catch up with my Watership Down reading yet, unfortunately. On the other hand, my studies are opening up new horizons and leading me to rediscover subjects that I used to love to read about years ago, such as parapsychology. The best reads, though, are certain volumes from the 1910s that I find digitalised and by some libraries and publicly available online. Bless librarians and archivists!
What have you been up to lately? Do you have a story, a recommendation or anything to share? Leave a comment on this post or drop me a mail!
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  • Reply Myna Kaltschnee 4th May 2019 at 10:00 pm

    Hey Tizy,

    nice to read your newest blog post.

    Poor Rowley, I am glad he didn’t need the surgery. I can imagine how worried you were. 🙁

    My April was okay, I wrote a lot (41k words) during Camp NaNoWriMo, but I didn’t read as much as I wanted. So I’m not on track with my reading challenge right now. But I hope I can catch up on this soon.

    Take care

    • Reply Tiziana 5th May 2019 at 11:39 am

      Hi Mimi,

      thanks for reading and leaving a comment. 🙂

      Well done on your Camp NaNoWriMo writing! 🙂 I hope your new writing project is shaping up nicely.
      I’m sure you’ll find the time to catch up with your reading now that Camp NaNoWriMo is over. Good luck!

      Take care,

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