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Scrabbled Journal – June-July 2019

Hello, friends!

August is here. That means we’re kind of halfway through summer. Hope that the weather is not mistreating you too much, although, if you’re in the northern hemisphere of the globe, you’ve probably experienced at least one heatwave. Ugh.

Be sure to take care in this heat. Why not just chillax in front of the fan, sipping a cold drink, while reading my new journal post? 😄 Tell me what you’ve been up to, as well.

Life Pills


  • Defining a plan for my thesis and having it approved 👍🏼
  • Getting back to my old hobby, snail mail 📬


  • Heartbreaking results in Roland Garros (Dominic Thiem lost against Rafa Nadal in the final) and Wimbledon (all young guns lost in the first rounds; in the final, Roger Federer lost championship points and then the whole thing to Novak Djokovic) 🎾💔
  • The heatwaves and the humidity (sorry, I will never stop complaining about the weather!) 🔥

Doggie Diaries 🐶

  • Dash and Rowley finally got their annual check-up done and the vet found them healthy, yay!
  • The vet’s home visit coincided with a small problem that Dash had in his eyes, a mild infection that was gone in a few days after an eye-drop treatment. Poor Dashie could barely keep his eyes open.
  • Other than that, life has been calm. It’s too hot to go anywhere, and it pains me to see them pant even after the usual daily walks. They have learned that the coolest room is the bedroom (because there’s the only A/C), so when they’re back home, they just sit in the corridor and look at the bedroom door, a hint to let them inside.
  • Rowley is still hyper, more than ever. Yet, his eagerness to please led him to learn a new trick: sitting pretty! Dash, on the other hand, has become grumpier, particularly when we’re about to put the harness on him before going out. The worst time is in the early afternoon when we want to take them outside for a quick wee-wee and straight back in. He doesn’t like his nap to be interrupted, so he remains seated without budging. If we try to move him, he can even snap (it doesn’t hurt)! Instead of forcing him, we just prepare Rowley and go on like we’re leaving him behind. As soon as he hears the front door unlocking, Dash runs to us all excited, haha. What an attention-seeker!

Rowley sitting pretty, while lazy Dash eyes the treat.

What I’ve been watching

  • Movies: I Am Mother, a recent Netflix sci-fi, left me a little underwhelmed. Despite the interesting premise, I thought it borrowed too many clichés from other famous sci-fi films. Other better films were The Favourite (didn’t know it was a comedy, so I was pleasantly surprised), A Dog’s Purpose (terribly clichéd too, but aww!), and The Commitments (fun, with lots of cool old music). The musical theme from this last film made me want to rewatch This is Spinal Tap – it never disappoints! We also watched Vinterviken, a mediocre 90’s movie from Sweden, mainly to see the over-the-top performance from Kjell Bergqvist and the first-ever appearance of Henrik Dorsin, who became famous a few years ago for interpreting the main part in the Swedish version of The Office.
  • TV: Aaah! So much goodness in these last two months!
    • Awaited returns: Three from my list of shows I was eager to watch this year came back with new episodes. The best one, without any doubt, was Season 3 of Stranger Things. That. Finale. Ugh! Then, surprisingly (I thought it was going to be released later this year), Season 5 of Black Mirror. I enjoyed all three episodes (just three?! and they weren’t exactly longer than usual, either!), but at the same time, they left me wanting more. Maybe because of the length, maybe because of the lack of bleakness. Another comeback was Season 3 of the Swedish dramedy Bonus Family, which I preferred over the previous season.
    • Historical drama: There were two miniseries that will probably be remembered among the best 2019 releases: When They See Us and Chernobyl. Both of them are based on true events, so they’re extra heartbreaking; apart from that, both were of outstanding quality. Can’t say the same about The Last Czars, though. The tragic story of the Romanov family was told in part-documentary and part-reenactment. I wished it had been more docu and less acting (it often felt like a soap opera).
    • Why have I only seen you now?!: Yet again, I watched some shows that I have seen mentioned too often around the Web. I shouldn’t have waited that long to watch them, they’re amazing! One is the comedy Fleabag, which has become my black comedy-feminist bible. The other is Harlots, another feminist series (yup, even if it’s about prostitutes) set in 18th-century London. Season 3 is going on at the moment, and I still have to recover from what happened so far.
    • More comedy: We watched a new German series called How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast). It has its funny moments, too bad that we watched it dubbed because the subtitles were going way too fast for us. We also watched some stand-up shows with Trevor Noah (I love him on The Daily Show) and a fun game show on Netflix called Awake.
    • Documentaries: They are easy to watch (when they’re not boring). The docus we watched spanned a variety of topics: particular events or people (The Great HackWild Wild Country), health (AfflictedLife Overtakes Me), dogs (Life in the DoghouseA Dog’s Life), music (The Black Godfather, the Remastered series), and – of course – crime (including The Confession Tapes Season 2, Girls, Incarcerated Season 2, Exhibit A and Killer Ratings).

What I’ve been reading

  • I still can’t manage to grab a book that it’s not related to my studies. However, my life is not all about ‘boring’ (well, it rarely is, otherwise I’d be doing something else) academic reading because I’ve also discovered some old, rare gems (I’m forever grateful to the libraries that digitalise these works). An interesting work of fiction I read was Nightmare Tales by Madame Blavatsky. I’m also reading a biography of her.
What have you been up to lately? Do you have a story, a recommendation or anything to share? Leave a comment on this post or drop me a mail!
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