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Scrabbled Journal – End of Year 2019

Hello readers!

We’ve reached the end of the year and the end of this decade, and I’ve officially lost track of the time! How is it possible that we’re already starting 2020?

Well, I hope that while you’re looking back upon the past year/decade, you have more fond memories than bad ones. And even if there are bad ones, I hope that you take them as a lesson and as an opportunity for self-improvement.

While wishing you all the best possible for the new year, I hope I will still have you as readers and possibly welcome you to a revived blog in the coming months! 😊

Life Pills


  • Cosy Christmas with Matt, the doggies, and our annual Swedish lunch 🎄
  • Completing the first chapter of my dissertation! 💪
  • The last phase of the 2019 tennis season, with Stefanos Tsitsipas winning the ATP Finals (some disappointments from other players, but lots of excitement!) 🎾


  • Going back to uni for a weekly lecture (I’d rather stay home and work on my paper) 😴
  • Taking a tumble at home and being in pain for several days 😅
  • Stress – the perfect word that sums it all up 😩

Doggie Diaries 🐶

  • The highlight with Dash and Rowley was their birthdays. 🎂 Once again, we got them some pupcakes and on Dash’s birthday (November 22nd), we had a long walk in the park where Dash could run off-leash. He’s a real good boy, doesn’t stray away from us, unlike Rowley (hence, we never let him be off-leash).
  • Our main mission this fall was to get them good-quality boots so that we could take them out when the ground is wet while not stressing over their dirty paws. We found the perfect boots that *seem* the most durable. I say “seem”, but in reality, one boot already has a small hole, but all in all, they’re solid and what’s best is that both doggies are comfortable in them. And on the street they’re a hit, people often smile or stop by when they see them sporting the boots.
  • I don’t know if it’s the infamous “terrible two’s” hitting already, but Dash has been naughtier lately, particularly when it comes to our Christmas tree. Over the last days, especially, he’s been trying to bite the lower branches and no amount of screaming seems to stop him. Even on Christmas Eve, when we put our gifts under the tree, he wouldn’t stop sniffing around them and biting at their corners. Rowley, by comparison, is an angel! However, once Dash calms down and lies under the tree for a nap, he’s too cute!
  • Another cute thing is how they like to cuddle now that it’s colder. In bed, they stay with us for most of the night and Dash is always pawing me so that I move my arm and wrap it around him while he sleeps against my chest. Too adorable! 💜 Unfortunately, they have also started to snore a lot! It’s a trait of Cavaliers because of their short snouts.

Some moments: new boots, birthday pupcakes and Dashie under the tree

What I’ve been watching

  • Movies: The best film these past weeks was Martin Scorcese’s The Irishman, followed by Marriage Story and The Two Popes. We also watched Midsommar, the horror set in Sweden, which was good (especially visually), though a little predictable. Other good movies were Fighting with my Family and V for Vendetta (first time I watched it). For Christmas, we watched our top faves like every year such as Home AloneGremlins and Jingle All the Way, and also tried Die Hard for the first time. It’s hard to consider it a Christmas movie, but it was entertaining!
  • TV:
    • Continuations: The most exciting things to watch were those new seasons I’ve been eagerly waiting for: Big Mouth season 3, BoJack Horseman season 6 (part 1), The Crown season 3, Alex season 2, Rick and Morty season 4 (the first 5 episodes so far), and You season 2. None of them disappointed, although not all of them were better than their previous showings.
    • Japanese comedy: On Amazon Prime, we found a Japanese show called Documental presented by Hitoshi Matsumoto, one half of the famous Downtown (comedic duo)It’s sort of a reality show where 10 comedians are locked in a room and not allowed to laugh at each others’ gimmicks. Hilarious! It reminded us of old Gaki no Tsukai episodes aired on New Year’s Eve in which Downtown and other comedians spend an adventurous themed day together where they get punished each time they laugh. We’re still finishing all these episodes. Japanese comedy can be wacky, violent and X-rated, it’s a whole new experience to watch! We also found a Japanese Netflix series called Jimmy: The True Story of a True Idiot, based on the life of Jimmy Onishi, a comedian that appears in all Gaki no Tsukai and the first two seasons of Documental.
    • Living with YourselfI tried this Netflix series after reading articles and seeing the trailer. Also, because of Paul Rudd. 😋 It was amusing and thought-provoking at the same time. Probably not among the best of best, but I think it’s good enough to deserve a second season!
    • Nobel: A Norwegian political noir. We watched it till the end just for the sake of finishing it, it was a little boring.
    • Funny reality series: We found Magic for Humans with comedian and magician Justin Willman after the recent 2nd season release. It was heartwarming fun and some tricks were amazing to see. Another good watch was Nailed It!, a bake-off competition that makes fun of other baking shows by celebrating bad bakers. We also watched Prank Encounters which saw Stranger Things’ Gaten Matarazzo as a presenter. It didn’t annoy me as much as I thought it would, although it’s hard to comment on the genuineness when it comes to pranks shows.
  • Documentaries: We saw the touching Tell Me Who I Am and Be Here Now, the inspiring The Game Changers (about athletes swapping meat with veggies) and Inside Bill’s Brain (about Bill Gates) and the fun The Movies that Made Us.

What I’ve been reading

  • Unfortunately, I couldn’t read anything new and not many books in full for my research because I busied myself with writing instead.
  • That means that this year I failed to complete my Goodreads challenge, with just 5 books left to reach my goal of 40. This happened mainly because I had to pick up several books to read chapter by chapter without the need of completing them.
  • I will be more cautious when setting up the new Goodreads challenge, but I’m dreaming of my post-MA period when I can go back to reading for pleasure and without hassle. I miss it! 😢
What have you been up to lately? Do you have a story, a recommendation or anything to share? Leave a comment on this post or drop me a mail!
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  • Reply Myna Kaltschnee 2nd January 2020 at 12:20 am

    Hey Tizy,

    nice to read from you again. 🙂 It’s always a pleasure when I get the notification that you wrote a new blog post.

    Haha Dash and Rowley have one thing in common with me: Snoring! XD I still adore the pupcakes you got them for their birthdays. I didn’t know there’s something like this. What where they made of? Meat, I guess?

    Have a happy new year!

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