Who is the blogger?

Hi and welcome! ☺️

My name is Tiziana, Tizy for friends, a 1987 summer baby from the island of Malta. ☀️ I live with my boyfriend Matt, hailing from Malmö (Sweden) and who moved permanently to Malta. 💕

After years of unwanted jobs and desperate soul-searching, I took the plunge and went back to university as a mature student, to finish what I had left behind. I am now in the third and final year of my B.A. degree, majoring in Italian (focusing on literature, with English as a minor). I don’t regret my choice, despite its lateness! 🎓

My interests are widely varied: international literature; blogging & nonfiction writing; pop culture; history; anything vintage; taking walks & exploring new places; communicating with people from all over the world; and much more!

Get to know me better through the facts published in the below awards and tags:

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What is the blog about?

The title Scrabbled Rambles comes from two main concepts: to write quickly and mindlessly (to scrabble) and to write continuously and aimlessly (to ramble). These two explanations seem to contradict the idea of blogging since a blog post needs to be well organised and concise, right? Well, this blog is an attempt to sort all the thoughts and opinions that I have in my overworked mind! 😄

I’ve always dreamed of creating a website that represents me through what I love. This blog is my dream come true.

Scrabbled Rambles is a personal blog with a particular focus on my interests. Here you will find posts about:

  • Media — reviews of and commentaries on books, movies, TV shows, and vintage photography.
    • Books📚: I prefer literary fiction in translation, and I have a particular interest in women’s fiction, so you’ll mostly find reviews of such books. I usually post reviews of books that I like (unless it’s a reading challenge) and they’re often not recently published.
    • Movies🎬: Like with books, I review movies according to the topic or genre that interests me and I’m also fascinated by those works that have a sort of ‘cult’ potential.
    • TV📺: I prefer older shows within certain genres or that are somehow of a ‘cult’.
  • Travel & Culture✈️ — chronicles of local rambles and foreign travel, as well as information about Malta and Sweden.
  • Self-development💪 — my growth process and tips on education, hobbies and life in general.

My current academic life influences my writing a great deal, so I often move out of the simple, laid-back review structure and venture into deeper analyses or historical chronicles, depending on the subject. For this reason, some of my posts can be considered as long-reads (hence why I call them ‘rambles’, instead of reviews). 📝

You can check out these posts to get an idea of some of the topics which I like to write about:

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What and who is the blog for?

I opened Scrabbled Rambles at a very particular time in my life when I was in the midst of overcoming a personal crisis. I wanted to seek ways to learning new things and entertaining myself, all while documenting my life and growth.

I’d like to influence the readers of my blog by:

  • implanting in them the seed of curiosity, nudging them to read up on any topic they’re interested in;
  • making them discover their passions and potentiality and recognise the power of changing their mindset for the better.

If you…

  • like to read as much as I do;
  • want to broaden your mind;
  • need to chillax with some entertaining recommendations;
  • care about improving yourself

…then this blog is for you!

Please read the disclaimer and policies of this blog HERE.

Feel free to contact me or to leave comments; I would really appreciate it! 🙂

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