Scrabbled Rambles is a personal blog, created and managed by one individual – me. The content found on this website is strictly the fruit of my mind and whenever ideas or facts are taken from external sources, such sources will be properly linked at the end of the post.

The views or opinions represented on this personal blog belong solely to me as the blogger and do not represent any other person or entity. These views or opinions are not intended to hurt any individual or a particular group of individuals. An opinion expressed at any given time might change without notice.

I will not be liable for errors, inaccuracies or incompleteness in the information or in the links provided on this blog.



The choice of books, movies, TV shows, places and web applications reviewed on this blog depends on my tastes and my blogging intentions, without any prior contact or agreement with authors or other persons related to the subject matter. My comments will be expressed in a proper and honest manner.

At the moment, I do NOT accept book review requests because of time limitations and because I review books according to my personal interests. Recommendations are still welcome.

I also do NOT accept requests to review new web/phone applications unless they are closely related to the subjects discussed on my blog.

Guest Posting

At the moment, I do NOT accept guest posting requests.


Again, the choice of links containing articles from news websites, webzines and blogs depends on my interests and my blogging needs.

If you have a link to an article YOU wrote and published, which you think is related to a topic I blogged about and that you think it would complement the content on my blog, you are free to forward it to me on the Contact form or by mail. I will be willing to review it and if I find it appropriate, I will be willing to link it to my blog post. In return, I would expect you to do the same and link my blog post to your article.

Links to articles which are provided directly by their author will be marked with an asterisk (*).


Comments are very welcome! However, I reserve the right to disapprove or delete comments that are offensive to me or to any individual or group of individuals and if they are considered as spam or unrelated to the blog post’s topic.

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Thanks for reading and I look forward to receiving feedback from you! 🙂

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