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Movie Rambles: Inside Out


© Disney-Pixar

Have you ever wondered about what goes on in your brain? About the changes that it has gone through since you were born? About how your emotions influence your actions and perceptions of the world?

It sounds like you need a thorough neuroscientific study to discover all that. Possibly you do, but don’t worry! The 2015 animated movie Inside Out, by Disney-Pixar, roughly gives you a cute and colourful insight into the brain’s workings, enough to whet your curiosity and to urge you to learn more about the most important organ in our body.

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Media, Movie Rambles

Movie Rambles: The Invention of Lying

© Warner Bros.

Recently, my boyfriend asked me to think of a movie that we could watch together like we do almost every Saturday night. He wished for something light and fun and I had no idea which one to pick since we had already watched lots of comedies. Of the two of us, he’s the movie buff, not me.

In that moment I was watching a YouTube clip of Ricky Gervais laughing on the programme ‘An Idiot Abroad’ (I really recommend hearing his laugh… it will either make you piss with laughter or drive you nuts!) and I thought: since we’re both fans of Gervais’ tv shows, why not give a try to the first movie that he has directed? This is The Invention of Lying, which he has also scripted and produced.

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