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Music Rambles: My Top 5 Sweden Eurovision Songs

Welcome back to my multi-part series on the Eurovision Song Contest. While you’re waiting for tonight’s semi-final, you can go on a nostalgic trip with me.

After listing my favourite Maltese entries, today it’s time for the Swedish ones. Why? Well, apart from being the native country of my boyfriend and consequently a country I am interested in (as you may have already deduced from other posts on this blog), Sweden is also one of the most successful countries in this song contest as well as this year’s host of the show!

So check out my all-time faves and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for I will expand my horizons to the rest of Europe!

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Music Rambles: My Top 5 Malta Eurovision Songs

Yes, it’s that time of the year: the Eurovision Song Contest is happening this week! Perhaps non-Europeans are still oblivious to it, but for us Europeans (or at least many of us), this event is still a big thing, although not always for good reasons.

I never considered myself as a Eurovision fan but more as a curious follower who doesn’t want to miss the show, in case I find a good song or an artist that I could keep supporting after the contest. Something which, I must say, hasn’t happened very often in the last years.

So my attitude towards Eurovision is quite detached now: I don’t care who wins, I don’t care about my country’s performances, I just want to see the glitter, the kitsch, the Schlager and the drama.

Yet I still feel the need to dedicate some posts to this event, to show that, after all, it really did leave a mark on my musical memories.

The first of the series is a post listing my favourite entries ever from my country, Malta, who will perform in tomorrow’s semi-final.

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