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Movie Rambles: My Top 20 Michael Nyqvist Films

Swedes and movie buffs, especially fans of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and John Wick, were shocked to learn of Michael Nyqvist’s death at the age of 56 on 27th June.

I discovered him through some of his most popular Swedish films. Ironically, the news of his passing came out while I was finishing the Millenium trilogy, which had catapulted the Swedish actor to international fame.

And so I wanted to rewatch his films and catch up with most of his works. Naturally, I couldn’t watch everything due to lack of time and availability, and some of those I watched were hard to get. But I’m lucky to have a native Swede and a big movie fan as a partner, so I thank Matt for all the help and patience throughout this month! 💕

Today, one month from his passing, I’m proposing my personal top 20 films with Michael Nyqvist. My ranking is based on a combination of the films’ quality, Nyqvist’s performances and the relevance of his roles.

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Book Rambles: My Grandmother Sends Her Regards & Apologises by Fredrik Backman

Ever since I read and loved A Man Called Ove last summer, I’ve been looking forward to reading all the other translated work by the Swedish bestseller Fredrik Backman. At last, I had the opportunity to tackle two of his novels which I had received as Christmas gifts.

The first of these novels, which I’m reviewing today, is called My Grandmother Sends Her Regards and Apologises.

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The Book Lovers Tag

During my hiatus, I was tagged by Steph from Scale it Simple to do The Book Lovers Tag. Thanks a lot Steph for thinking of me and sorry for the delay!

Although the tag’s name is similar to another one I did late last year, this one is different because it concerns our reading habits instead of specific books we have read. I enjoyed answering the questions and reading Steph’s and other bloggers’ replies. 🙂

Here are my answers!

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Music Rambles: My Favourite #Eurovision2017 Songs

We’re in May, which means it’s Eurovision time!

It’s a good excuse for a new post, even though it’s becoming harder to write about it. Nowadays I follow the Eurovision Song Contest more for the fun factor than for the songs. Of course, if the songs are good and of quality, it’s better!

Something that made my interest dip was last year’s outcome. I’m sorry, but I did not like Ukraine’s winning song. I dislike the political allusions surrounding it and how it was allowed to perform. The Ukraine-Russia rift culminated with the latter’s absence from the show. I also disagree about letting a country in such a sensitive situation splurge its money on the show.

Anyway, what counts is the entertainment. I watched both semi-finals this week, judged the songs and their stage performance, and discovered which ones I like. I’m going to list the songs I like without any order, and I’m also including some special extras.

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TV Rambles: The IT Crowd

© Channel 4

I’m back to reviewing my favourite TV shows after quite a long time. My intention with many of my reviews is to offer readers a nostalgic trip or an alternative to current mainstream shows, as well as to focus on specific productions concerning genres and themes.

Today I’m writing about The IT Crowd, a British production from the 2000s created by Graham Linehan, the mastermind behind other cult sitcoms such as Father Ted and Black Books (read my review). It’s one of Matt’s all-time favourites and, after he had introduced me to it, I became a big fan. I recently finished watching it for the third time.

As you should have deduced from the title, the central theme and setting are the IT industry, and it’s also about geeks.

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