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Good Habits, Better Life, Self-development

8 Ways to Enjoy Building Good Habits with Habitica

Have you ever woken up determined to change your life? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big change. Just a simple wish to eschew the bad habits from your daily routine and replace them with good ones that lead to a better, healthier lifestyle. Say, working out regularly, reading more, or planning better your studying.

Probably every one of you has answered yes to the above question and if you have replied “Yes, multiple times”, it only shows how your feeble will has always surrendered to the harsh reality. Changing one’s habits is a struggle. Many people wait until a specific date, like the turn of a new year, to muster up all the determination. Yet, that determination often withers in a matter of a few weeks.

Do not worry, I am one of you too. The dreamer in me is always wishing and planning for a better future. However, I have stumbled many times and all I’ve done was giving up in disappointment.

That is until Matt introduced me to an application called Habitica, a habit-building and productivity application. This happened during my exams in June. It was a blessing as thanks to this app, I was able to devise my study plan and organise my days.

I am still using Habitica every day. It’s not just a boring to-do list; it’s a colourful, interactive game – played via an avatar – that rewards you for every goal you reach. The more goals, the more rewards and the more fun it becomes.

Check out the following 8 things you can do with Habitica to improve your lifestyle while having fun at the same time!

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Good Habits, Better Life, Self-development

How I Stopped Wasting Time on Facebook in 5 Simple Steps

Finally, I have finished all my end-of-year exams in university. What a tough month it has been! It was stressful to put in order all the notes, complete all the readings and research, and to finalise my assignments.

It wouldn’t have been that bad if I didn’t have to fight against temptations. By temptations, I mean everything that has to do with the Internet. The biggest temptation, though? Facebook.

A couple of months ago, I realised how my daily browsing on that website was taking a big chunk out of my free time. Worse than that, a lot of what I was seeing on my feed wasn’t really what I was interested in. Moreover, I also became aware of the attitude of ‘friends’ on Facebook. I realised that some particular users are just too obsessed with checking their feed, liking items and oversharing information.

And so, precisely on the 24th of April, I went on Facebook with the intention of fixing this ‘problem’. Two months later, I am here to outline the process that I undertook and its success.

Mind you, this is not an anti-Facebook post. I still love social media, I still think Facebook is the best platform so far and I still think it can be useful. But I – and perhaps all of us – need to regulate our usage of such a website, to stop it from ruling our life and hindering our productivity.

Go ahead, read about my plan to wean myself off Facebook and think about whether you need to do something similar.

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10 Goals for an Active Summer Break

scrabbled_rambles_summer_readingIt’s that time again, unfortunately.

Scrabbled Rambles is going on a temporary hiatus, until I finish all my examinations. That means that I will not even post the usual Weekender’s posts. I will be back some time after 21st June.

In the meantime, I am publishing one last post, also as a way to encourage myself for the coming summer break. My biggest fear is to be idle and lose the momentum I have gained by enrolling in university. So I plan to remain active. Check out how, after the jump! Continue Reading

Good Habits, Better Life, Self-development

20 Goals I Am Determined to Pursue in 2016

I was never a fan of holidays and New Year’s Eve was one of those days that used to drive me insane. I could never get why people felt so positive about the start of a new year.

Or rather, I never understood why they had to wait for the turn of the calendar to do – or just hope for – something better, when changes can happen at any time of the year.

After all, what is so different from one year to another? Won’t we have the same problems to face? The same hypocrisies to defeat?
The same failed resolutions by the end of the first month of that year?

Nowadays I have toned down my pessimism. I am starting to understand that perhaps the human mind does need to grasp at a particular fixed moment to motivate itself into action. It really needs that symbolic “new year, new me”, especially after surviving a bad year.

In my case, 2015 has been a year of changes and challenges. I moved in with Matt, I quit my job, I achieved a good grade in an exam for which I had to study in a record three months, and I finally returned to university.

I have learned not to be afraid of changes and now it motivates me to challenge myself even more in 2016. That is why I have decided to set 20 goals to achieve during the coming year.

Note that I have started all the 20 phrases with “I will“. It may sound presumptuous but later on you will understand my intention.


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