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Celebrating Christmas in Malta and Sweden (Masterpost)

This year, unfortunately, I don’t have time to do any Christmas posts. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything Christmassy to read on my blog.

I have just reviewed and updated my three-part Christmas series from last year. I am collecting all of them here on this post so that it will be easier for you to read all the series (and easier for me to promote ūüėČ ).

These posts will appeal to you if you’re interested in the cultural aspect of Christmas. You will discover how we celebrate this holiday here in Malta and in my boyfriend’s home country, Sweden.

Hope you’ll like them!

Care to tell me about your Christmas traditions? Leave a comment on this post or drop me a mail!
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Return to Sweden: Exploring New Corners in Skåne

So, last week I listed all my new experiences and old memories that I lived during my second stay in Sweden last September. Now it’s time to give a little information about the new areas and landmarks which I visited in the Sk√•ne region (Scania). Namely, in the city of Malm√∂, in Skurup and in Trelleborg.

For those of you who have just stumbled upon my blog and are looking for new additions to your travel itinerary in Sk√•ne, do take a look at last year’s travel diary (see the full series here) where I mentioned the following areas/landmarks: Limhamn,¬†Turning Torso in V√§stra hamnen, Triangeln, Gustav Adolfs torg, Stortorget, Lilla Torg, Pildammsparken, Central station, √Ėstra Kyrkog√•rden¬†(all in Malm√∂) and Svaneholm (in Skurup).

Now come with me on this new virtual tour of Southern Sweden!

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Return to Sweden: Memories and New Experiences

As some of you know, I went to Sweden for the second time from 9th to 16th September. I came back home with much more than I ever expected. Even though I planned a few specific visits to new places with Matt, I thought that living in the same small town (Skurup) and visiting the city of Malm√∂ multiple times wouldn’t provide significant new experiences. Luckily, I was wrong.

I don’t want to write a detailed diary trip like I did last time. That was my first visit, therefore it required some details. This time, I am going to list my new experiences, my repeated experiences, and some regrets or missed opportunities.

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Music Rambles: My Top 5 Sweden Eurovision Songs

Welcome back to my multi-part series on the Eurovision Song Contest. While you’re waiting for tonight’s semi-final, you can go on a nostalgic trip with me.

After listing my favourite Maltese entries, today it’s time for the Swedish ones. Why? Well, apart from being the native country of my boyfriend and consequently a country I am interested in (as you may have already deduced from other posts on this blog), Sweden is also one of the most successful countries in this song contest as well as this year’s host of the show!

So check out my all-time faves and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for I will expand my horizons to the rest of Europe!

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Sweden Rambles: Walpurgis Night

After writing about two major holidays in Sweden ‚Äď Midsummer and Christmas ‚Äď it is time for me to discover another special day in this Nordic country. Or perhaps it’s better to say a special night since this kind of celebration usually starts while the sun is setting down.

I am talking about Walpurgis Night, which falls on the 30th of April. I actually heard of this event for the first time two years ago, when Matt sent me video clips of the celebrations he had attended, while he was still living in Sweden.

Incidentally, the King of Sweden celebrates his birthday on the same day, so it is a double event for the country, with official celebrations held outside the Royal Palace in Stockholm.

But back to Walpurgis Night: what is it exactly and how do the Swedes celebrate it?

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