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Movie Rambles: Sicilian Ghost Story (2017)

One of the movies I’ve studied during the last months was Sicilian Ghost Story, written and directed by Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza. I also had the fortune of attending a talk by Piazza himself, where he revealed technical and behind-the-scene details and explained their choice of dealing with a tough subject in the way they did.

The movie is based on the short story Un cavaliere bianco, found in the collection Non saremo confusi per sempre, in which the author, Marco Mancassola, retells famous, tragic Italian cases in a fairytale-like manner. That is also what Grassadonia and Piazza chose to do when adapting the Mafia kidnapping of 13-year-old Giuseppe Di Matteo to film.

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Scrabbled Journal

Doggie Diaries: Six Months with Dash and Rowley

Since I published my latest recap not long ago, I’ve decided to skip the usual end-of-month post (I don’t have much to report, anyway).

Instead, I’m dedicating a page in my (virtual) Scrabbled Journal to our two new furry family members, Dash and Rowley. Doggie Diaries will be a new blog section for occasional updates on life with our two pups.

So as promised, this first post will be an introduction to Dash and Rowley, their characteristics, and personalities. I will also describe how we got to choose them, the memorable moments so far, and how our life has changed since their arrival.

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Scrabbled Journal

Scrabbled Journal – January-June 2018

And she’s back!

I feel terrible for abandoning the blog without any formal hiatus announcement, but those who follow me regularly or who saw my last Journal post know the reason behind my disappearance. The weight of academic responsibilities came crashing on me, and I just couldn’t afford thinking about the blog as well.

Now that my degree course is done and dusted, I am working on getting my blogging mojo back. I’m starting with this Journal post where I’ll try to recap the good, the bad and the memorable of the last six months.

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Scrabbled Journal

Scrabbled Journal – November / December 2017

Hello everybody and happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas and some restful and peaceful days.

As you can see, I’m still alive. I skipped the November journal entry not only because I was too busy, but also because it was a dull month and I had nothing much to say about it.

So now I’m back with a meaty double entry, which also serves as a short review of the past year. 🙂

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