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8 Ways to Enjoy Building Good Habits with Habitica

Have you ever woken up determined to change your life? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big change. Just a simple wish to eschew the bad habits from your daily routine and replace them with good ones that lead to a better, healthier lifestyle. Say, working out regularly, reading more, or planning better your studying.

Probably every one of you has answered yes to the above question and if you have replied “Yes, multiple times”, it only shows how your feeble will has always surrendered to the harsh reality. Changing one’s habits is a struggle. Many people wait until a specific date, like the turn of a new year, to muster up all the determination. Yet, that determination often withers in a matter of a few weeks.

Do not worry, I am one of you too. The dreamer in me is always wishing and planning for a better future. However, I have stumbled many times and all I’ve done was giving up in disappointment.

That is until Matt introduced me to an application called Habitica, a habit-building and productivity application. This happened during my exams in June. It was a blessing as thanks to this app, I was able to devise my study plan and organise my days.

I am still using Habitica every day. It’s not just a boring to-do list; it’s a colourful, interactive game – played via an avatar – that rewards you for every goal you reach. The more goals, the more rewards and the more fun it becomes.

Check out the following 8 things you can do with Habitica to improve your lifestyle while having fun at the same time!

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