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Music Rambles: My Top 10 Eurovision Winners

In my last Eurovision posts, I have concentrated mostly on the last years because those are the years I can remember the most.

Today though, I want to look further back and take a look at my favourite winning songs from the very first contest to this day. It wasn’t easy to choose just ten because some songs, particularly from the 70s, are really catchy. I could have added ABBA and Lordi to the list, but I didn’t so as not to repeat. So, in a way, you can say that this is a 1956 – 2005 list, that complements Wednesday’s post!

Be sure to check the whole post because the special mentions are a bit of a surprise when compared to the other songs on the list.

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Music Rambles: My Top 10 Eurovision Guilty Pleasure Songs

Yesterday I listed my favourite Eurovision songs from the past 10 years and my choice was mostly based on my favourite genres (i.e. lots of rock and ethnic sounds). However, there are many other songs from this contest which, although part of a genre that I am not a fan of, make me sing them and dance to them, without really wanting to! These are what I call guilty pleasure songs.

These earworms are listed here as guilty pleasures for different reasons. Some are what you can call gimmick songs, which prevailed in the contest up till a few years ago: songs that are submitted almost as a joke and that no one takes seriously, even though they are still enjoyed by many. Then there are those pop songs that are so clichéd and banal yet so damn catchy (especially because they repeat the same words or syllables over and over).

Finally, somewhere between these two categories, are songs that are actually considered good, and they even place well. However, again, they can be of such an ordinary subject or genre that it can naturally make you feel guilty for liking it.

So check them out and see if they also make you feel guilty for humming them or swaying to them.

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Music Rambles: My Top 10 Eurovision Songs (2006 – 2015)

I hope you have enjoyed last night’s semi-final (I’m preparing these posts beforehand, will comment on this year’s events later on) and I hope you’re enjoying my posts as well.

Today I am expanding to the rest of Europe and listing my overall favourites. Overall to a certain extent because I have limited my choices to the last decade. It would take me ages to sift through so many years (10 years of Eurovision are already a lot!) and it was probably from 2006 when I really started to get into the contest. You will understand better at the end of this top 10.

One warning: these are mostly based on my personal tastes and favourite genres, so many of them will be songs that did not place well or did not even pass to the final. See if you can remember them all!

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Music Rambles: My Top 5 Sweden Eurovision Songs

Welcome back to my multi-part series on the Eurovision Song Contest. While you’re waiting for tonight’s semi-final, you can go on a nostalgic trip with me.

After listing my favourite Maltese entries, today it’s time for the Swedish ones. Why? Well, apart from being the native country of my boyfriend and consequently a country I am interested in (as you may have already deduced from other posts on this blog), Sweden is also one of the most successful countries in this song contest as well as this year’s host of the show!

So check out my all-time faves and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for I will expand my horizons to the rest of Europe!

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Music Rambles: My Top 5 Malta Eurovision Songs

Yes, it’s that time of the year: the Eurovision Song Contest is happening this week! Perhaps non-Europeans are still oblivious to it, but for us Europeans (or at least many of us), this event is still a big thing, although not always for good reasons.

I never considered myself as a Eurovision fan but more as a curious follower who doesn’t want to miss the show, in case I find a good song or an artist that I could keep supporting after the contest. Something which, I must say, hasn’t happened very often in the last years.

So my attitude towards Eurovision is quite detached now: I don’t care who wins, I don’t care about my country’s performances, I just want to see the glitter, the kitsch, the Schlager and the drama.

Yet I still feel the need to dedicate some posts to this event, to show that, after all, it really did leave a mark on my musical memories.

The first of the series is a post listing my favourite entries ever from my country, Malta, who will perform in tomorrow’s semi-final.

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