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Scrabbled Journal – End of 2018-January 2019

Hello, anybody still here? 😅

I’m sorry for the long silence (and I guess I’m talking to those few followers who are interested in my Journal posts). I was preoccupied with a million things these months and blogging not only ended up on the back burner, it completely disappeared from my radar! Shame.

Now, my temporary freedom from studies and my desire to chronicle my life have brought me back. Enjoy this monster of a post (and write me a comment to let me know you’re still interested in reading me…).

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Scrabbled Journal

Scrabbled Journal – July-August 2018

Hello everyone! Hope that summer (or winter, depending which hemisphere you’re living in) has been treating you well.

I’m back with another combined Scrabbled Journal post because too little happened in July to deserve a whole post. Actually, August was just uneventful. Oh well, it’s no surprise. The summer heat doesn’t let me do anything, except reading and watching TV under the A/C, which I did for most of the days!

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Scrabbled Journal

Doggie Diaries: Six Months with Dash and Rowley

Since I published my latest recap not long ago, I’ve decided to skip the usual end-of-month post (I don’t have much to report, anyway).

Instead, I’m dedicating a page in my (virtual) Scrabbled Journal to our two new furry family members, Dash and Rowley. Doggie Diaries will be a new blog section for occasional updates on life with our two pups.

So as promised, this first post will be an introduction to Dash and Rowley, their characteristics, and personalities. I will also describe how we got to choose them, the memorable moments so far, and how our life has changed since their arrival.

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