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How I Stopped Wasting Time on Facebook in 5 Simple Steps

Finally, I have finished all my end-of-year exams in university. What a tough month it has been! It was stressful to put in order all the notes, complete all the readings and research, and to finalise my assignments.

It wouldn’t have been that bad if I didn’t have to fight against temptations. By temptations, I mean everything that has to do with the Internet. The biggest temptation, though? Facebook.

A couple of months ago, I realised how my daily browsing on that website was taking a big chunk out of my free time. Worse than that, a lot of what I was seeing on my feed wasn’t really what I was interested in. Moreover, I also became aware of the attitude of ‘friends’ on Facebook. I realised that some particular users are just too obsessed with checking their feed, liking items and oversharing information.

And so, precisely on the 24th of April, I went on Facebook with the intention of fixing this ‘problem’. Two months later, I am here to outline the process that I undertook and its success.

Mind you, this is not an anti-Facebook post. I still love social media, I still think Facebook is the best platform so far and I still think it can be useful. But I – and perhaps all of us – need to regulate our usage of such a website, to stop it from ruling our life and hindering our productivity.

Go ahead, read about my plan to wean myself off Facebook and think about whether you need to do something similar.

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Picture-Perfect: The Art (or Not) of Taking Photos

View over Marsaskala Harbour – edited with Google Auto-Awesome

I am not part of the “selfie” culture. I don’t spend entire minutes posing in front of the camera, trying to figure out the best angle. I also find it hard to understand the need to post a picture of oneself – always in the same postures and in the same room – on various social media websites on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, I do admit that my fingers are often in search of my smartphone, to capture diverse moments or scenes in my everyday life. Recently, my mania of snapping quick photos is increasing and it is leading to something bigger and better than simple pictures taken with a phone.

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