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10 TV Shows I’m Eager to Watch in 2019

Television has changed so much in the past few years. With the advent of streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, the TV offer has expanded, diversified, and improved in quality (and that’s why I respectfully disagree with those who still insist that they’re above TV; there’s something for everyone, if you just bother to look up all options).

My TV viewing has changed too. As a kid, before Internet access and box sets, I could only watch whatever was broadcasted on a small number of channels. When I moved in with Matt, he introduced me to several shows, some of which had already come to an end, and we would have month-long marathons. Recently, however, we’ve been trying out newer TV series. Many of these are still ongoing, so waiting for the new seasons has become part of the excitement (sometimes it’s nerve-wracking though, especially when a season ends with a cliffhanger).

So, today I am listing – in no particular order – ten TV shows that I’m eagerly waiting for this year. They are continuations of ongoing series, but I’ve also included an extra entry, a brand-new work from one of my favourite personalities, which is coming out soon.

While I do mention some teasing tidbits found on various news sites, if you still have to catch up on some of these shows, do not worry as I kept it spoiler-free (however, the sources I’ve linked might not be).

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Media, TV Rambles

TV Rambles: Why The Big Bang Theory Should End

Wow, it’s been a year since I last posted in the TV Rambles section. Today I’m back on this topic, only with a difference. This post is not going to be a review but a spontaneous commentary inspired by the latest news about one of my favourite comedy shows, The Big Bang Theory.

The sitcom – one of the most popular shows in the U.S. – has been in the news for the past weeks as media analysts and critics speculated about its possible renewal after the current 10th season. While there is no confirmation of this yet, the chances seemed high until a few weeks ago. However, what was confirmed earlier this week was the creation of a prequel based on the young Sheldon Cooper (the most popular character of the show), which could be aired later this year or next year.

All this talk about TBBTs future revived some thoughts which I had tried to suppress in order to enjoy this show.

As a long-time follower I have to say that, notwithstanding the idea of a spin-off, TBBT should not be renewed after the 10th season. In fact, it often feels like we could’ve even survived without the last season (or two). There, I said it.

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